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Aysgarth Nook by Maison Parfaite


Try Our 3D Virtual Tour

We invite you to ‘walk through’ Aysgarth Nook to get a feel for the house before you book. Unfortunately it was a snowy day when we had it scanned so you will need to imagine the hot tub and garden on a sunny day! Here you can:

1) Watch the pre-programmed tour.
2). Stop it at any time with your fingers (or mouse / cursers on a pc) and have a look around the room you are in. Resume with the ‘Play’ button on the bottom left of your screen.
3). Tap on the gold circles to see more information about the room you are in. Tap on the 360 icon to go outside, Tap on the person to go back inside!
4). Play with the icons at the bottom left of the screen to view the ‘dolls house’, resume walkthrough, go from floor to floor, and see floor plans!


Aysgarth Nook By Maison Parfaite

Maison Parfaite YO1, York

Maison Parfaite HG1, Harrogate

Maison Parfaite LS1, Leeds

Nydsley Hall - Pateley Bridge

Maison Parfaite at Robin Hoods Bay

Skeldale House by Maison Parfaite

Villa Mouettes - Whitby


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