Sustainability at Maison Parfaite

At Maison Parfaite we are passionate about caring for the environment. Please consider the following points before, and during your stay to help us be as sustainable as possible: 

Reusable Water Bottles:

We provide a Brita water filter in every apartment so we encourage guests to bring a reusable water bottle for use during your stay, which can be refilled as many times as you wish from your jug in your apartment. As well as helping the environment, this will also save you a lot of money! 

Recycling of Rubbish:

Please separate glass and plastic bottles, cans, paper and cardboard and place in the recycling bin and other waste in the compostable bag provided. Our cleaners will remove these after your stay and ensure they are sorted and recycled in accordance with local council guidelines. 

Sanitary products:

Please dispose of sanitary products including tampons and wipes in the paper bags provided which will be found in the drawer beneath the sink in your bathroom. These can be placed in the compostable bags in the bathroom bins provided. 

Reusable shopping bags:

We supply reusable shopping bags for you to use during your stay. They can be found in the kitchen cupboard. 

Single use plastics:

We do not supply any single-use plastic items except the coffee pods for the coffee machines, these can be recycled if you can please also place these in the recycling bags provided. 

Buy locally produced meat, fruit and vegetables where possible:

All our properties are located near local markets where you can buy locally farmed products. They don’t only taste better, but they support our local community and have a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

What We Do To Play Our Part

Where possible, all our power is sourced from Green / Clean providers. Our lights bulbs, electrical appliances, cleaning products, and heating systems are all as environmentally friendly as possible. We buy our furnishings from local manufacturers and also try to up-cycle where possible. We are also lovers of animals and will always choose faux leather and furs rather than anything than originates from an animal.

We are proud to have acheived a certified sustainable accreditation by Go Green Sustainability. They regularly visit our properties and monitor our standards accross the board, ensuring not only that we offer guests every opprtunity to help us acheive our sustainable goals, but they also monitor such things as our additional Covid-19 cleaning protocols, staff & contractor welfare and pay conditions, supply chain, waste removal practices, energy suppliers, emmissions, efficiency of heating systems, correct water removal, insulation etc.

We choose building contractors who have agreed to be as sustainable as possible in their building practices. Our decorators in particular use environmentally friendly products and plant trees to offset their fuel used to travel to our properties. We also donate a percentage of our turnover to to protect, re-home and rehabilitate endangered parrots. 

If you choose to use our dining services from Bechamel Market Kitchen: They will only use locally sourced meats, vegetables etc. Any fish and seafood they provide is in line with the Marine Conservation Society Seafood Buying Guide. 

Sustainable Contractors at Maison Parfaite

Groni – Ecological Decorators

In 2022, being sustainable is not just ‘hippie talk’ anymore. It’s a way of life destined to become a norm — both on personal and corporate levels.
We continually look out for new ways to improve our processes. For example, we realise simply offsetting emissions is not enough — we aim to get an electric vehicle, and a fleet of cargo bikes.

This is obviously one of the most important aspects of what we do. Availability of ecological, non-toxic paints has been growing steadily over the past decade. We spent a lot of time looking for the best of the best and talking to various manufacturers.

Tools & Plastic

Avoiding single-use plastic in any trade is a near impossibility. We have eliminated the biggest culprits in our line of business — polythene dustsheets and bin liners, which always make up the bulk of black bin waste. Both of these are replaced by 100% compostable, vegetable-based materials. Furthermore, our tools are of the highest quality — not only securing a beautiful finish, but also eliminating the need to replace them frequently, thus reducing waste. Our wallpaper is always sustainably certified and printed using non-toxic pigments. We use cellulose-based sponges, upcycled fabric for floor sheets, natural fillers, and the list goes on.


As mentioned above, we do not yet have an electric van. To make up for and limit our van’s emissions, we found two solutions:

We carefully monitor our mileage, and based on how many kilograms of CO2 the van emits per mile, we offset these by paying a voluntary environmental tax.

We came up with a unique ‘Pedal & Paint’ scheme, where we use a bicycle with a trailer to reach our customers and transport our tools.

Planting trees

There are dozens of projects globally aiming to reverse deforestation. We all hear about the Amazon rainforest on the news, but one does not have to go far to find a worthy cause. We aim to help here, in the UK, where trees are needed as much as anywhere else. Your tree will be planted by the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. You will receive a certificate with information about the tree and the area it was planted in.

Read more about Groni HERE


Aysgarth Nook By Maison Parfaite

Maison Parfaite YO1, York

Maison Parfaite HG1, Harrogate

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Nydsley Hall - Pateley Bridge

Maison Parfaite at Robin Hoods Bay

Skeldale House by Maison Parfaite

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